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Doc Joslin | Good Things with Remedy Alpine’s Recreational Therapy - Veteran Transition Hub Ep 9

November 26, 2020

David "Doc" Joslin is our guest for the 9th episode of the Veteran Transition Hub Podcast. Doc is the CEO of Alpine Remedy based in Alaska. He comes from the military as a combat medic and decided to work to rebuild his purpose by helping veterans out with PTSD using recreational therapy. Outdoor adventures have been showing more promise with PTSD treatment and is getting traction from the medical experts. What better place to exercise those outdoor adventures other than Alaska. Joined by other veterans, Doc has built Alpine Remedy to help veterans with their search for alleviating the PTSD suffering incurred from long-term non-treatment and partial reprieve of the side effects of war. Doc has also started a podcast called Bullets to Beans and We look forward to having Doc on again because there were a few stones unturned. Please enjoy the Alpine Remedy Website and the Veteran Transition Hub Website

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